The Fun Behind Car Parking Games

There are many types of car games, the racing games are played mostly but car parking games are also played seriously it is fun playing car parking games. A person who owns a car has to deal everyday with car parking issues, if a person is a good car parker, it’s great. But, if a […]

Super Mario Land v3.0 Walkthrough Tutorial

Play as either Mario or Luigi in this brilliant Flash version of the classic Super Mario Bros. games. Use the Cursor Left and Right keys (Arrow keys) to move, the Up Arrow key to jump, the Down Arrow key to crouch and the Space Bar to throw fireballs. In addition to the standard series of […]

Adventure Time Games : Lemon Break Walkthrough

Finn’s planning a Lemon Break! Lemongrab has locked his people behind lemon bars. Help Finn bust them out, and save Flambo, BMO, Tree Trunks, NEPTR, and Lemonhope along the way! Fight off giant rats, spiders, and bats as you work your way through the lemon-scented prison. Put the squeeze on Lemongrab in Lemon Break!

Top 10 Mario Games

Super Mario is a legendary gaming hero. Ever since his appearance as a minor character in Donkey Kong, Mario has quickly risen as one of Nintendo’s main stars and most recognizable characters, and his Italian catchphrases have become the stuff of gaming legend. Our friends at Prima games have put together an awesome list of […]

Mario Gets Karma’d

Fed up with Mario constantly tossing his brethren around like expendable weapons, Koopa takes a stand and gives the plumber a taste of his own medicine. And I’m not talking mushroomseither, although I did eat some at a Red Hot Chili Peppers concert and watched a bus turn into an accordion. I also saw a dinosaur, snake-woman and vampire, but […]

Regular Show : Dance Of Doom

Dance of Doom Dance of Doom once again pits Skips against the evil Klorgbane. This time, we flash back to Skips’ younger days, when he went to school with the Gary and the Guardians of Eternal Youth. Even then, Klorgbane was a bully and a jerk, and he loved nothing better than making trouble for […]